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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Once again, St. Anselm Hall is flourishing:

Welcome to the new academic year!

With the beginning of the term, new life, new enthusiasm, and new faces have flooded into hall. I am touched to see first years embracing Slems, the opportunities it has to offer them, and finding a community here. I sometimes think that this sense of community is most strongly felt at communal dinners, especially those during winter and in the midst of terrible Manchester weather. I am therefore very happy to report that formals are currently both extremely well-attended and seem to be very much enjoyed by first years.

The JCR is, as ever, full of enthusiastic young people with diverse interests. There are a group of freshers with a strong interest in music, who will doubtless make use everything the hall and Chapel have to offer. The Christmas play is already being written by Daniel, a first year student. Fresher Nick will be running an oil painting event which will hopefully be the first of many art events. Societies are beginning to start up again, such as the book club and creative writing society. There has also been a great deal of interest in applying to the JCR, and I am certain that we will soon have a very strong committee. I am very grateful for the support of the rest of the committee during Freshers, and I also believe that we have been genuinely lucky with the intake of new students this year. In the context of the changes (to the JCR committee numbers and formal dinners) announced at the end of last year, I believe that this is all extremely good for the future of hall. Demonstrably, Slems is flourishing!

Floreat Aula Sanctus Anselmi

Avalon, President of the JCR

Join us in welcoming Father Daniel Valentine to the Chaplaincy!

After many years of tireless work for St Anselm Hall, Father Hugh Bearn has stepped down as Chaplain in order to get some well earned rest. Although he will still stay close to Slems, the role of Chaplain will now be held by Reverend Daniel Valentine of St Matthew's with St Mary's. Reverend Daniel is the Priest in charge for Crumpsall in North Manchester, but has also been posted in Chorlton (where he served his curacy) and even Manchester Airport (as Chaplain). As well as being part of the Church, Daniel also practices as a solicitor, so should Slems need any help in that regard he can lend a hand too... Reverend Daniel has already been active in the Slems community in the past few years and we look forward to welcoming him even closer into hall life.

With sincere apologies, an Aosta correction.

In the 2022 edition of Aosta there was an incorrect attribution for the Chairman's Report. The report included in that section was not by David Godley, Chairman of the Alumni Association, but was in fact a report by Rick Holt, Chairman of the SAH Advisory Committee. We sincerely apologise to both David and Rick, who are both distinguished, long-term members of the association, and are definitely separate people!

We hope you enjoyed your St. Anselm Hall e-newsletter! Thank you to the contributors who provided updates and content. If you have any news or updates, please get in touch with Rob Boddy, e:

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