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Preston Scholarship

The Preston Scholarship is an annual bursary awarded to a student resident in St Anselm Hall who has shown outstanding contributions to Hall life.

About the Award


Who can apply?

The award is at least £700 (can be split between awardees).

Any student who is returning to Hall or who is about to graduate .

Number of Awards

The award can only be granted to an individual once.

Number of Recipients

The scholarship may be split between students at the discretion of the committee.

Online Application

Please note that applications for the scholarship are only accepted after Easter.

Deadline for 2023 application:

00:00 1 July 2023

Application forms cannot be submitted after 31 June 2023.

Thanks for submitting!

The deadline for applications to the Preston Scholarship has now closed for the 2022-23 cycle.

Past Preston Scholars

2005-06: Christopher Wooldridge (Dentistry; 1st Year)
2006-07: Tomas Jacko (Politics and International Relations; 2nd Year)
2007-08: Craig Hooper (Chemical Engineering; 2nd Year) and Nicholas Sharp (Economics and Social Studies; 2nd Year)
2008-09: Harrison Child (Dentistry; 3rd Year)
2009-10: Luke Keller (German; 2nd Year)
2010-11: Simon Anderson (Dentistry; 5th Year)
2011-12: Marcel Thomas (History; 3rd Year)
2012:13: Oliver Stout (Philosophy; 3rd Year)

2013-14: Casian Marian (Accounting and Finance; 3rd Year) and James Burlison (Theoretical Physics; 3rd Year)

2014-15: Will Thompson (Business and Chinese; 3rd Year)
2015-16: Alex Stead (Computer Science; 2nd Year)
2016-17: Egor Egorov (Biomedical Science; 2nd Year)
2017-18: Joseph Roscoe (Fashion Management; 4th Year)
2018-19: Robert Boddy (English Literature; 3rd year) and Kyle Fogarty (Maths and Physics; 3rd Year)
2019-20: Daniel Jones (Chemistry; 3rd Year)

2020-21: Alice Codling (Biology; 3rd Year)

2021-22: Esperanza Hughes-Salinas (Biology with a Year in Industry; 4th Year)

2022-23: Avalon Roberts (Physics; 3rd Year)

Who was the Rev Canon Professor R. H. Preston?

Ronald Preston was an active Christian Socialist with degrees from the London School of Economics and St Catherine’s Society Oxford. He arrived at St Anselm Hall in 1948 to take over the wardenship. He was passionate about student welfare and pastoral care, particularly in a Christian context, and fused these two interests in St Anselm Hall which he revived after its misfortunes during the war years.

He negotiated its sale to the University of Manchester in 1956 and presided over its physical expansion to its current form. The Dining Hall, Summerfield and Manor wings, Chapel and Lodge all date from Preston’s time.


In 1963 he left St Anselm Hall to take up a residentiary canonry at Manchester Cathedral, before being awarded the University’s first Chair in Pastoral and Social Theology. He died in 2001.

preston photo.jpeg
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