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Godley Music Scholarship

The Godley Music Scholarship is awarded to a student who will lead the Hall’s musical life, especially in relation to musical activities in the Hall Chapel.

About the Award


Who can apply?

The award is worth £400.

Anyone living in St Anselm Hall.

Number of Awards

There is no limit to the number of years a student can apply for and win this award.

Number of Recipients

The scholarship is awarded to one student per year.

Applying for the Scholarship

Everything you need to know about applying.

The scholarship is open to any student living in St Anselm Hall. Please read through the below information before you complete your application.

  • This award aims to empower and sustain the recipient to musically accompany Chapel Services, and other Hall occasions where music is required, for example the Christmas Carol concert.

  • The recipient of the award is known as the Director of Music within the Hall.

  • The Director of Music is expected to attend JCR meetings once a month to report on their activities. 

  • The successful student is selected by the scholarship’s benefactor, David Godley, and other Association committee members.


Online Application

Please note that applications for the scholarship are only accepted in the autumn term.

Upload application

Thanks for submitting!

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