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Supporting Students

Part of the Association’s raison d’etre is to support the current community within the Hall, and it does this by supporting JCR projects and providing individual students with financial aid.

Recent Support

Take a look at the recent projects the Association has been involved in within Hall.

chapel tapestry.JPG

Renovation of historical hall artefacts

The Association has aided the JCR financially and logistically with the refurbishment of the chapel tapestry, lectern and Open JCR table


Preston Scholarship

The Preston Scholarship is an annual bursary of £500 awarded to a student resident in St Anselm Hall who has shown outstanding contributions to Hall life.

History Scholarship

This award, worth £500, is available to a student returning to St Anselm Hall to support them in organising the History Society, its accompanying activities and helping manage the Hall's extensive archives.

Dyer Sports Scholarship

The Sports Scholarship is a gift of £500 to a student who undertakes to maintain and evolve the sporting activities of the hall.

Choral Scholarships

Funded by the Prayer Book Society, two choral scholars are chosen per year and are gifted £100 each. Open to friends of the Hall (students or otherwise) as well as Slems residents.

Godley Music Scholarship

The Godley Music Scholarship is a prize of £400 awarded to a student who will lead the Hall’s musical life, especially in relation to musical activities in the Hall Chapel.

Careers Events

Our alumni are involved in various careers events for students, linking with new graduates and providing advice for interviews and job applications. See below for some of the things we have been doing.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Work experience

Some students have secured placements and work experience with our alumni - just come and ask us about it.

Leadership Presentation

Career Pathway Talks

We often return to St Anselm Hall to give talks on careers. Recent speakers include Rick Holt (Lockheed Martin and the Ministry of Defence) and Ambre Bertrand (University of Oxford Big Data Institute).

Business Networking

All our events are networking opportunities for students (and recent graduates) to meet more established professionals.

Image by Cytonn Photography

Interview support

Many of our alumni are available for interview support. Get in contact with us about this here.

Young Businesswoman

Acing the Assessment Centre

A recent event held at St Anselm Hall, this workshop guided 2nd and final year students through a typical assessment centre.

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