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New Student Membership launched

Updated: 7 days ago

As a route to encouraging engagement and attracting new members we have launched a new membership category. The Student Membership provides a range of benefits and gives an insight into the people and the work of the Association. It is hoped that this initiative will lead to conversion to full membership in future.

Student Membership is free for any member of the JCR or undergraduates who have been in Slems for part of their studies. The Student Membership also remains free for two years post-graduation.

Student members will receive discounts to attend Association events such as the London Dinner and the Summer Reunion.

Current President of the JCR, Ananya Singh, was the first to sign up to the new membership at a launch event in hall. Ananya said, “I didn’t realise that you could join the Association whilst in Hall. I think this scheme will be attractive to a lot of students.”

Jon Boddy, Chair of the Association said, "It is vital that we make the Association visible to the JCR. We must offer compelling reasons for new members to sign up as this is the only way to secure the future of the Association. Giving students early entry is a great way to showcase the work we do."

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