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Iain McAlley

Iain McAlley, who came to Slems in 1949 and has been one of the most consistently active members of the Alumni Association since graduating in 1952, passed away last July at the age of 91.

During his time in hall he was incredibly invested in hall life and the community, then being a resident of Manor which was one of the large Victorian houses across Kent Road East from the main building.

Iain was significantly involved with the JCR politics of his time, as one of the main organisers of the Fresher's receptions during his time in hall, and often held the then Warden, Ronald Preston, to account at the weekly JCR meetings. Iain was remembered for his forthright interventions during these meetings, with 'on a point of order, Warden' being a regular interruption.

Arguably his most important role for his contemporaries was when he held the office of Cellarer, when he would keep the provisions of beer and cider for hall meals well stocked.

After graduating from the Faculty of Technology, known as 'Tech' and later as UMIST, Iain set up how own management consultancy and spent his time between his home in Manchester Square in Marylebone, London, his property in Plockton in Scotland, and sailing along the coast in his yacht. In collaboration with fellow Slems Alumnus Bill Halson, Iain set up the Marylebone Association, which aimed to represent residents' interests in the Marylebone part of Westminster, and which has since grown into a substantial and important residents' association.

Throughout the years Iain was a regular at London Dinners and Summer Reunions, always happy to share memories and wisdom from his time in hall and beyond with fellow Anselmians, young and old. He is survived by his partner Julia Denoon and by his sons, and will be greatly missed by all members of the St Anselm Hall community who had the pleasure of knowing him.

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