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Dr Mawby's Portrait Presentation

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

At the last Association Summer Reunion, beloved former Warden Dr Arthur Mawby was presented with a portrait that is due to be hung in the St Anselm Hall dining room. After a dinner and speech from Ralph Clementson, David Godley (Chair of the Association), Fr Hugh Bearn (Chaplain) and the artist, Jane Allison, unveiled the painting.

Dr Mawby gave a speech about his time in Hall and the positive effects St Anselm Hall had on him and so many others. Mawby was a tutor at the Hall from 1973-77, then Senior Tutor from 1977-93, and then Warden of the Hall from 1993 until his retirement in 2005.

Many of Dr Mawby's students and colleagues believe that the painting is a wonderful impression of such a remarkable man. Noticeable in the painting is a small model car - the Packard - after which one of the rooms in the Hall was named (this room is now known as the Han Jordaan Room).

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