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30 Career Ideas in 30 Minutes – five Association gurus share their wisdom

In amongst the bouncy castles and the rodeo bull rides that were all a part of the end of exam BBQ five members of the Association Committee shared their knowledge of getting a job and keeping it.

Each of our wise mavens had to deliver six key pieces of learning about the world of work. Each tip had to be delivered in under a minute so it was fast and furious, especially under the ever watchful eye of JCR President Avalon Roberts in charge of timing.

Recent graduates led the way with last year’s JCR President, Esperanza Hughes-Salinas, currently at the Royal Society, sharing her thoughts on Choosing a career and the resources available to help you do this. James Bamber (OA 16-20), now at engineering consultants Jacobs (no, not the crackers) talked about Surviving the first year in work and ensuring that the role and organisation was a good fit.

Rob Webster (OA 03-06), who now digs holes and looks into them as a Director at Geotechnics, offered insight to Managing relationships at work: the difference between friends, work friends and colleagues and who to look to for the best advice on how to get things done.

Phil Osment (OA 76-79) took us through important aspects of the Preparation processes ahead of interview and Jon Boddy (OA 80-83) took us through the door to the interview room and offered tips on How to be your best at interview.

The fact that so much ground was covered, so many practical pieces of information delivered in such a short space of time and that it held the attention of about 30 members of the JCR suggested this was a quality event. There were questions and 1:1 discussions afterwards which indicated that “30 Career ideas in 30 minutes” was of great value.

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