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Special Projects

Part of the Association’s raison d’etre is to support the current community within the Hall, and it does this by supporting JCR projects. In the past the squash court, the gym and the new bar were built with help from the Association and more recently key elements of the Chapel refurbishment have been partially funded by Association funds. We have also matched funded the JCR’s contributions to particular projects, for example a contribution towards the cost of a full set of books from the Everyman library. Funding to assist with sports tours and buying new sports kit has also been provided in past years.

Financial Aid

The Association is proud to offer financial support to members of the JCR through the following schemes:

  • Preston Scholarship
  • Dyer Sports Scholarship
  • Choral Scholarships
  • Godley Music Scholarship
  • History Scholarship

Preston Scholarship

The Preston Scholarship, is an annual bursary awarded to a student resident in St Anselm Hall in memory of former warden the Rev Canon Professor R.H. Preston.

Ronald Preston was an active Christian Socialist with degrees behind him from the London School of Economics and St Catherine’s Society Oxford when he arrived at St Anselm Hall in 1948 to take over the wardenship. He was passionate about student welfare and pastoral care, particularly in a Christian context, and fused these two interests in St Anselm Hall which he revived after its misfortunes during the war years.

He negotiated its sale to the University of Manchester in 1956 and presided over its physical expansion to its current form, the Dining Hall, Summerfield and Manor Wings, Chapel and Lodge all date from Preston’s time. In 1963 he left St Anselm Hall to take up a residentiary canonry at Manchester Cathedral, before being awarded the University’s first Chair in Pastoral and Social Theology. He died in 2001.

Previous Preston Scholars

2005-06: Christopher Wooldridge (Dentistry 1st Year)
2006-07: Tomas Jacko (Politics and International Relations 2nd Year)
2007-08: Craig Hooper (Chemical Engineering 2nd Year) and Nicholas Sharp (Economics and Social Studies 2nd Year)
2008-09: Harrison Child (Dentistry 3rd Year)
2009-10: Luke Keller (German 2nd Year)
2010-11: Simon Anderson (Dentistry 5th Year)
2011-12: Marcel Thomas (History 3rd Year)
2012:13: Oliver Stout (Philosophy 3rd Year)
2013-14: Casian Marian (Accounting and Finance 3rd Year) and James Burlison (Theoretical Physics 3rd Year)
2014-15: Will Thompson (Business and Chinese 3rd Year)
2015-16: Alex Stead (Computer Science 2nd Year)
2016-17: Egor Egorov (Biomedical Science 2nd Year)
2017-18: Joseph Roscoe (Fashion Management 4th Year)
2018-19: Rob Boddy (English Literature 3rd year) and Kyle Fogarty (Maths and Physics 3rd Year)
2019-20: Daniel Jones (Chemistry, 3rd Year)

The St Anselm Hall Association have financed an honours board which is located in the hall dining room and records the names of those who have been awarded the Preston Scholarship.

Ronald Preston

Application Form

An application form for the Preston Scholarship can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Word Graphic

Application Form

Nominations for the award are accepted in the third term of each academic year.

The Award

  1. The Preston Scholarship is a financial trust award to be made to a member of St Anselm Hall. It is not strictly a scholarship, but a bursary award to be made on an annual basis. The aim or point of the award is to financially assist and reward a resident who has been a contributor to hall life.
  2. Although it was clear there was scope to assist a student in financial need, it was felt that a contribution to the hall community should be considered the more important basis for the award. There are many disadvantages when you start considering the requirements for assessing and ruling over the financial statements and circumstances of individuals, although this can also be taken into account should it be felt necessary in extenuating circumstances.
  3. In cases of exceptional financial hardship, the University has Access Funds available which can be used to provide modest grants to students who qualify. Information is made widely available on notice boards throughout the University at the beginning of term. If students do get worried about their financial affairs, they should seek advice straight away so as not to fall deeper and deeper into debt.
  4. It would be unreasonable to expect the Warden to select the person for the award and the Warden does not wish to be given this responsibility. The decision needs to be reached by the committee. Individuals can nominate themselves or others for the award in the final term of the year. Based on the receipt of completed forms, individuals will be considered for the award. The list of individuals and their applications will be passed to the Association to consider.
  5. It was felt important to indicate that the Preston Scholarship is awarded by the Hall Association (from the Old Boys). The distinction between the Alumni and the University as the source of the award needs to be made clear.
  6. Accessibility. The award should be open to all continuing or graduating members of the hall, irrespective of year of study, ethnicity, religion or any other discriminatory factor.
  7. The Preston Scholarship will be awarded as a direct financial award. It is a non-repayable award. It will be made at the end of each given academic year. The reason for this being that there is plenty of opportunity for all members of the hall to demonstrate their merit over the course of the year.
  8. Allocation of funds. In circumstances where more than one individual is felt to have made a substantial benefit, the award may be split between a number of individuals. The minimum amount to be awarded in one year is: £500.
  9. An individual may only be awarded the Preston Scholarship once during their time in hall.
  10. A record of those the fund has been awarded to should be maintained in the hall and made public. Details of who has been awarded the Preston Scholarship are to be published in the Association Newsletter with a brief summary of the reasons for the award being made.

Dyer Sports Scholarship

The Sports Scholarship is intended as a gift to a student who undertakes to maintain and evolve the sporting activities of the hall. It is not an award for individual sporting success but for demonstrating enthusiasm to build a sporting community within the hall. This is in recognition of the importance of sport (especially team sports) in building positive community relationships and improving physical and mental health.

A donation covers at least £500 per annum to be awarded to the successful applicant. This sum will be reviewed on an annual basis.

The candidate to receive the award will be chosen on the basis of a short personal statement. Specifically they will be asked to describe their strategy to increase sporting participation in the hall and to regularly field Hall teams in at least 3 different team sports. The successful candidate will be chosen by a panel of 3 appropriate Association members.

The award would be made in the summer term and to apply for the award you must be a returning student, otherwise all JCR members irrespective of year of study, gender, ethnicity, religion or any other discriminatory factor are able to apply. The award will be paid on you taking up your place in hall for the relevant academic year. If there is no appropriate returning candidate selected, the award will be opened up to freshers joining hall at the start of the academic year. There is no limit to the number of years a JCR member can apply for and win this award.

This scholarship is available for the 2020/21 session. For this session only the application criteria will be to plan and execute a St Anselm Hall JCR/Association sports day (as long as permitted under government and university guidance at the time)

Choral Scholarship


  1. There will be two Prayer Book Society Choral Scholarships tenable at St Anselm Hall in the University of Manchester.
  2. The scholarships will have a value of £100 p.a.  They will be offered in the academic years 2019/20 and 2020/21.
  3. Eligibility for the Scholarships will be restricted to currently registered students of the University of Manchester.  Preference may be given to students resident in St Anselm Hall.
  4. Each Scholar shall be required to devote two hours per week to attendance at rehearsals and services, and to contribute to the life of the Hall chapel.
  5. The Scholarships shall be awarded by a panel chaired by the Chaplain to the Hall.

Godley Music Scholarship

The Scholarship for Music, worth £400, is awarded to a student who will lead the Hall’s musical life, especially in relation to musical activities in the Hall Chapel. The Godley Music Scholarship is awarded at the beginning of the academic year and aims to empower and sustain the recipient to musically accompany Chapel Services, and other Hall occasions where music is required. The successful student is selected by the scholarship’s benefactor, David Godley, in concert with the Hall Chaplain and Warden.

History Scholarship

The Association is delighted to announce the creation of a new Scholarship from 2021. The History Society was established in 1930 by the Warden Duncan Armytage, and was open to students reading history only. It is the oldest and most prestigious of the Hall’s societies. Papers were delivered by Hall students, SCR members and staff of the University’s history department. Today it is an open and inclusive extracurricular aspect of the hall open to those of all academic disciplines. To commemorate this remarkable characteristic of the hall community, a scholarship of £500 per year is available to a student at the end of their first year for activities that sustain the interests of the History Society.

We enjoy hearing from Old Anselmians, and we look forward to seeing you at one of the reunions in the near future.

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